I need a little good luck to get me by


In lieu of Jeanna’s birthday today, we went to Azabu Saboat Marina Square for dinner with the Girlfriends, Wen Shao and Shuwen. Almost full attendance from the girls, except that Meilin wasn’t there. ): Finally saw Sook Fung after such a long time, and her standard of humour is as low as ever, lol. She just makes you wanna go -.-” at her all the time when she laughs, hahaha. We got Jeanna a cake from Hans, and a bag too. (:

The food at Azabu Sabo was bleak. Didn’t felt like my money went to worth at all. /: I ordered Spicy Kimchi Ramen and it wasn’t even spicy at all. I know I’ve a relatively high tolerance for spice, but it isn’t even spicy at all. Not the slightest bit! March said her Japanese Curry tasted instant, and that must be really sad for the chef to know. /: Edible food, but not fantastic.







Bimbo Teo’s finally 20!

We settled down at Starbucks after that, because Jolyn needed her caffeine for her night shift. With only a cup of drink, all of us dominated the sofa seats, talked and made loads of noise. Inevitable in a St. Marg’s gathering I guess! Jolyn & Sook Fung left, while the rest of us went to Esplanade’s rooftop because the birthday girl wanted to. Ended up laughing at all the silly acts and random talks. Not forgetting trying to reenact our memories too!


Trying to relive the old memories in secondary school. March’s trying to give the same expression as before, lol.

hougang VS. simei
I look like crap, but whatever! Good old times. (:

A really short, yet simple and lovely time spent with the girls. Will try to get the individual pictures uploaded to the gallery I’m trying to get working soon! Extracting the files from my uploaded zip file takes forever, I swear! /: If only I can upload the pictures as efficient/fast as how Picasa, it’d be almost perfect!

5 thoughts on “I need a little good luck to get me by

  1. lol you girls are so cute!! I love the last picture.
    Azabu Sabo’s better known for their desserts.. I’ve never tried their food (thanks for the review) Try it some other time!

  2. Amanda, Hahahaha, old school! I wanted to try their desserts, but Jeanna’s birthday cake was good enough to leave me feeling so stuffed, so I gave it a miss. But I don’t really like their main courses, though it has always appeared like a pretty good restaurant to me all the while! ):

    Shuwen, Hahaha, yea. I realised I should put the orignial picture beside it! Shall go do it now! ;D


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