Leaving on a Jet Plane

I’m masking now while doing entry, and my Mom thinks that I’ve been masking too much. ): And the masks smell so good! Just a few days back when I used the yogurt mask, I swear I feel like putting them into my mouth instead!

Work passed rather quickly today, which is something I really like. Busy doing refraction and doing sales; quite a huge sense of achievement today! (: And to end off the day, Hazel & her friend came down and make glasses! So thankful for supportive friends like these. (: Gotta admit that I kept disturbing Hazel in front of her friend, omg so bad. Lol.

The donuts Hazel got for me, hee! :D

My Dad picked me off from work, and we went to pick my brother up at Bishan after his work too. And since we were early, my Dad parked somewhere nearby. The engine was turned off, and only the radio was left on. It was quiet, a little serene from the buzzling day at work, and then we started talking. I realised I do need time like this, even if it was only 5 minutes long. I haven’t been talking to my Dad like this, and I miss him. ): I need more family time; my parents are supportive of whatever I want to do as long as I am capable of it. I’m so thankful for them.

I just booked the air tickets to Bangkok next year for Jia Sheng, Matt & I! Am I brave or what to offer to help them book the tickets?! q: If anything went wrong, it’d be 3x the mistake done! You guys better come and pay me soon, my bank account is evaporating faster than water. ): Hey guys, guess what?! I just realised that we need to check in at 5am in the morning. Oh my gosh, bless us!


Oh boy, so much travel plans with too little money. ): If Jon & Raymond still wants to go to Hong Kong in December this year, I gotta work my lungs out (which I think I’m already doing so) so I can sponsor Jon & I for this trip. Of course I’d wish to go, but if only my finances allow me to. Not forgetting that I’m probably going to Melbourne for a month next year. I’m so going to work my lungs out. 1001 things to be excited about for the year 2010! :D

On a side note, I’ve been thinking of what I want to achieve for the next few years. And it’s weird how all they actually changed over the time. From getting a pass in lower secondary, to getting 13 points for my O’s, andto hoping to get a GPA of 3.5 (hoping becausemy GPA is only 3.19 omg so sad). And though now I’m still going to strive for the final semester in poly, I realised it’s no longer just the academic excellence I’m trying to achieve. It’s so much more than that; and I think I’m slowly finding myself to experience subtle stress from working. Gotta admit that though retail hours are long and they can get really boring, but when it’s busy and you get a lot of things done, it’s the self-satisfaction achieved.

For the last few weeks, Jon’s Dad offered to hire me to work for him; under The Management Staff. He wants to teach me how to run the company next year. It’s a little too fast – and a bit too crazy in my opinion -and I told him that I’m not ready, and that I will be planning to work somewhere else after a year or two under his guidance. There’s so much more I should be trying out elsewhere really settle down at and work like how his father did. People asked me if it feels weird working under your Boyfriend’s family. Nope, not at all. I don’t get special treatment, I don’t get higher pays than usual part-timers, and I do chores like moving the stocks around, packing and unpacking. For those people who judge just because they think they know, they don’t know at all.

Morphing from a student, and soon into an working individual. Life hasten so quickly I find it a little scary. /:

6 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. Love reading your entries about the nitty gritty things of your life! Especially love reading your little reflections about life.. It means that little extra to be because of all the ways I’ve since you grow and mature into who you are. :) It’s like seeing a flower blossom you know, into a pretty flower. :) Continue glowing and growing in life, even after your start work. It’s my pleasure to witness your life unfold from a faraway angle. (I hope this is not sounding too warp and wild)

    Take care, and God bless. :)

  2. Shufeng, Thank you! Sometimes I wonder if I talk too much, but I guess it’s the way I am! /: And yea, you’ve seen me grown I guess: since I was sec one and you as a little leader being in sec four! I hope I still have a life after I start work, that is! Will try to make the best out of everything I’ve. (: Take care too! :D


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