Let’s just do it the ol’ school way

When my Dad reached home, he came to my room and passed me this! It was a postcard from Jon when he was in Sydney last week! Oh boy, this brought a smile to my face instantly because I wasn’t expecting anything like this! Though it came a few days late, I’m still very happy hee! And yupp, he’s the only one who calls me Weimin – just like how it was back in primary school. (: Pardon his terrible handwriting, but he does knows how to make me feel over the moon without any flamboyant gifts.

I <3 my boyfriend.

On a side note, the entire day today was spent in school trying to clear up things for FYP. ): Sometimes FYP just gives me a headache and makes me want to cry so bad. And there’s a huge possibility of us retyping our data (1000+ data in total) all over again, for our report. ): I hope all these can be one by next week so we can really start working on our report right now. 2 more months to complete our report as planned, and I’m feeling a little worried about it. ): Hate this thing so much and I can’t wait to get over with this as soon as we can! ):

On a happier note, Bangkok trip is more or less confirmed already and yay I can’t wait to shop till I drop! :D With that, I’m on a major saving spree right now, and I actually created this excel file to track my everyday expenses! Gonna transfer it to my phone so that I can constantly remind myself not to overspend. I hope it works and I’m disciplined enough to keep it going! *Save save save!*

And I’m back with bangs again. Gotta wait for a few days before it grows to a more presentable length! (: Jon prefers me with long fringe than bangs, but whatever that makes me more comfortable! (:

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