Look at the big picture

I give you my hand without hesitation, and let you take the lead.
But there I stand behind; to support you and to catch you when you fall.

As I’ve mentioned, last night Jon told me that he actually decided to go for summer semester which will mean that his 3 month long holiday will be reduced to a month. Definitely, and not surprisingly, I was reluctant to give him my support for it. Think of getting by every single day, with “December is coming” as a motivation to get by your days, and then all you get is a reduced time spent.

I thought through it after we hung up the phone, and thought through carefully.

I’ve come to realised that long-distance relationship is not only about patience and faith, but dealing withtime constrains as well. Usual couples have all the time to date each other out as long as both parties are free, but all we get is such a short period together and trying to do everything that we wished we’d be doing together for the 90% without each other.

But now I’m looking at this from a different view, taking it to my stride. He’s working for his future, our future. We’ve survived through 2 years of this, and I believe 2 months isn’t going to make much of a difference, even though it’s always Best to have him by my side. I’ve no reason not to support him to go ahead with summer semester. He’s thinking long term, and the only reason why I can possibly hold him back is just short term. My point of arguement will not make sense at all; even I know it myself.

Love is selfless, and I don’t want to be selfish to hold him back just because I want him to spend time with me. Though I got to admit that I do miss him terribly, butI think I’m strong enough to handle and deal with this. Both of us have thoughts that are mature enough to deal with this. Honestly, I think we can get by the 3 years of absence swiftly.

It’s going to be the first Chinese New Year without you for the first time 3 years, and my relatives are going to ask about you. But it’s alright, we’ve more than 70 years of Chinese New Year to go through together.

Think far, and be less shallow. It’s all going to come back to us as a huge reward.

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  1. Jon, It’s a difficult support to give you know. ): But oh well, I can’t find a reason not to disagree with you, so you get your way!


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