Cuz every time I get stuck the words won’t fit


When my Daddy came home yesterday night, I was so happy because he was holding on to a parcel for me. And yupp, it’s the $64.10 worth (50 pieces) of masks that I ordered on Sunday morning. So happy because I can start my whitening regime! :D Stacey says I’m desperate to get fair, and I really I think I am! ): It’s terrible because I get dark so quickly, and then people tell me to stop tanning if I want to be fair. Okay, the thing is I don’t even tan! >:( To think that I was born a fair baby. What happened over the years? ):

I hope that this hugely-raved-about masks can be my solution to it, yay! :D Anyway, I think the supply of masks I got this time round can last me for at least 2 months the minimal! On top of these, I still have at least 5 of the Red wine & Camellia masks that Emily gave me! My fridge is filled with food masks. Gotta share these with my Mom! :D

My endless supply of masks! :D

Earlier in the afternoon, I was having my mud mask on my face and then I called Jon. Omg, my call couldn’t last for more than a minute because he could not stop making me laugh and then he probably figured out that I was doing my mask and kept laughing. -.-” I couldn’t stop smiling, and I had to hang up so my face won’t crack!

Met up with Matt for lunch at Somerset’s Botak Jones! We caught with each other’s life so much, and I came to realise that he’s one of the 2 close guy friend of mine whom I feel comfortable spilling almost a lot of things to. We talked for so long, and it has been such a long time since we last did that. I really appreciate this guy’s presence for some reason. And I’m quite amazed that we actually talked about this subtle misunderstanding that we had, which neither of us ever mentioned to each other, earlier the semester.

My usual: Botak Jone’s Fish & Chips

Yuli came to join us after that too. Did some walking around, and then headed back to Botak Jone’s since she wanted to have her dinner, which of course I didn’t order any! No pictures of us because they all turn out blur! ):

Good company, good quality time, and affordable good food equates to simple pleasures of life. (:

Talking to Esther right now about the potential Bangkok trip for next year because we’d probably be booking the tickets real soon if it’s confirmed! :D So exciting! And that’s why I’ve a million reasons to look forward to 2010.

But, Jon just told me he is planning to do summer semester. Sigh, stupid Melbourne uni is stealing robbing my boyfriend from me. I know he is doing all these for our future together, to achieve my wish of getting married before 25. He sees this the same way as I do, but I just can’t help but to I hate this. He wants me to give him my support for this before he signs up for it. But how can I give him my support to sacrifice 2 months of the 3 months that we were suppose to have, when I find that this 3 months is going be more precious than any precious stones? ): And the part about looking forward to spend Chinese New Year with my boyfriend is gone. /: Best of all? That 1 month that we will get will see me being busy with FYP. I’ve nothing to argue against him because whatever I’m looking at is short-term, and he’s looking at the bigger picture. Double sian. /:

12 thoughts on “Cuz every time I get stuck the words won’t fit

  1. OMG, kellynting. You amazed me with your huge supply of masks! Hahahaha! You are incredible! LOL! Patience will get you what you want to so don’t worry! The reason why you appeared tan(even though you don’t go for tanning!) is cause you don’t put sunscreen/block or moisturizer cause indoor lights can cause you to be tan too. (: Jiayou! hahahaha That supply of masks can at least last you for half a yr lor. I swear.

  2. Emily, Hahaha I’m one kiasu aunty but whatever! And you are right, I don’t put sunblock omg. ): And what?! Indoor lights cause you to be tan too? Omg I am going to light up candles everywhere already! You are one good personal beauty advisor! Hahaha, and are you serious about using it for half a year?! A bit exaggerated right! I think I’m just too excited. HAHAHA.


  3. omg i love ur masks. looks good. if its good please tell me. can u believe i went wakeboarding today and am now entirely sunburnt? my face is so ugly ;(

  4. Hahaha! yes yes! That’s why I put tonnes of sunscreen when I was working in WS previously cause the lightbulbs are like my enemy there. =p I am not personal beauty advisor lahhh, just that I’m more interested in all these and share these around with people so that they can be happy “snow whites” too! hahahha! Anw, your new blog’s lovely. thumbs up, it’s simple yet sophisticated (:

  5. Estella, Yea apparently it’s quite good! :D Many people have been raving about it. It’s recommended to me by my friend, Amanda! She’s like another beauty guru! q: Let you know more about the effects after another month okay?! Heehee! And please, since when do you look ugly! /:

    Emily, Hahahaha, omg are you serious emily?! And I already have 2 self-claimed personal beauty advisors, and you are one of the two! Heehee, I can’t wait to be snow white! Lol. And thank you! :D


  6. lol…u wanna be fair and i dun wanna be that fair..hahaha…but tell u matter how many mask u did..u will still look the same with the same tanness..haha

  7. Janice, I swop with you lah! Hahaha. You are so irritating Janice. Don’t be a wet blanket okay! I will become fair! I will prove it to you! Will be Snow White before I graduate! Hahahaha!


  8. kellyn, i thought i’m the only obsessed one with so many masks! i’ll take a picture of my crazy mask collection and show you now now now! lol!

  9. Lausanne, I bet you are not the only girl out there who’s like that! Hahaha. I know of someone who actually mask a lot more than I do! Teehee, vanity omg.


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